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Bobbie and Jade 2020

Lia is a phenomenal horsewoman. My daughter has been taking lessons for almost a year now and her confidence has really grown. I hadn’t been on a horse in over 10 years so I decided to start taking lessons myself. We absolutely adore Lia and her horses are simply THE BEST! It has become our favorite time of the week when we get to be with the horses and to be able to do it with my daughter makes it way more special. Lia has taught us so much. Of course the riding is fun, but with that comes the hard/fun work. Grooming, saddling,..etc. Sometimes we are even lucky enough to help clean stalls and feed!

You won’t regret joining the Forever West fam!

Diane Dratch (2019)

Lia is a Phenomenal Horsewoman, Trainer and Person! A Multi-Congressional Award Winner, Lia's Focus is upon Creating and Ensuring a Positive and Lasting Partnership between Horse and Rider, while Training both in the Disciplines of Correct Technique and the Comprehension behind each movement and gait. Lia helps you build a lasting Foundation upon which to grow your riding expertise in multiple disciplines while thoroughly enjoying the time and experience you spend under her instruction. I feel truly Blessed and So Grateful to be a Student of Hers, as I continue to improve my Knowledge and Riding Expertise!

Christy Wood (2019)

My daughter has been taking lessons from Lia for over a year now. She has learned the basics of preparing a horse to ride and care for the horse. Which I believe is an important part of the lesson on how to take care of the horse. She now rides western, English and is learning dressage. It’s been amazing for her confidence and she absolutely loves being at the stables with the horses. The kids love Lia. She is easy going but firm. She makes the kids learn how to do things for themselves and thus they are really proud of themselves when the accomplish a task or new skill on their own. Lia really teaches them how to ride and how to do it properly.

Ashley C. (2019)

Lia is AMAZING!! I have had two other experiences with trainers in Santa Fe area and they were not good. Lia on the other hand is fantastic. She is knowledgeable, patient, and flexible. I left my TWH with her for a week and the change in him was amazing. If you are looking for a great down to earth trainer in Santa Fe, Lia is the one! Highly recommend, you won't be disappointed.

Elizabeth Dugan (2019)

After 30 away from horses, Lia got me back riding again. She was there for me 24/7. I had a million questions and worries as I eventually bought my first horse and she patiently walked me through it all. Lia has a lifetime worth of invaluable horse knowledge which she generously shares with all. Add to that pure fun to be around and you cannot loose.

Toria Davila (2015)

Within a month, she had my daughter's confidence up enough to trot around with different

horses and trying new skills she'd never attempted before. In less than 6 months I proudly

stood by and watched my daughter perform in a local horse show. You have no idea how much pride and happiness I felt seeing the pure joy on my daughter's face as she trotted around the arena that day. Now, less than a year later, my daughter is training for Congress! I am SUCH a proud and happy momma! And it is all thanks to the wonderful patience, skill, work,

and understanding of Lia Jessen and Forever West Performance Horses.

Tana M Davis (2017)

Lia started an Irish Draught horse that I now own. His foundation is excellent, and I can easily take him any direction - fox hunting, dressage, jumping, etc. Thanks to the start she gave him, he's a good solid citizen ready and willing to do any job that I ask!

Briana Martin (2011)

Forever west performance horses taught me so much and I am grateful to have been be a part of them for awhile. They will always be my little family and I have taken what they have taught me and used it on other horses and have a greater sense of what it really takes to be an equestrian.

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