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Private one on one lesson

Great riding starts here! Learn to groom, saddle and basic riding to advanced horsemanship!

Private lessons are $60 per session

One on one sessions with you and your instructor. 

Semi Private Lesson

Once you are ready, you are eligable to join a semi private lesson with other students at the same ability as you!

Semi private lessons are $50 per session

MAX OF 3 PEOPLE IN A LESSON  to many people in one lesson takes a way from everyone involved.  Get the lessons you deserve! 

Tadpole Lessons for ages 6 and under

This lesson is 30 min long and designed for students under 6 years old.

Tadpole lessons are $35 per session.


Partial leasing of one of our awesome horses. You will be paired with the correct horse for your ability, goal and time availability.  With 2 independent rides, and 1 lesson a week include leasing  is the best way to own a horse....with out actually owning a horse!

Leases start at $575

 Lessons with Lia Jessen

(Owner/Head Trainer/Instructor) 

Paint Congress Reserve Champion,  Multiple All around Champion in multiple Breed Shows

Private $70

Semi Private $60

Partial Lease $575

Show lease $875


Compare the our training packages and find the best fit for you.

4 or more rides weekly 


Per Ride

Best for training horses

1-3 rides weekly 


Per Ride

Best for regular exersise

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