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Josh Jessen 

Co Owner and husband to Lia, Josh is an absolute gem with new riders. Patient and kind Josh has produced several confident riders. Being the right hand man of owner Lia, Josh has a gift with new riders and timid riders! 

Josh has been around horses and helping at shows, training and trail riding for 18 years. Josh's kind and gentle approach to horses and people is undeniable.  

*I am so happy to have Josh on the team of instructors.  I knew he would take to it like a duck to water and he hasn't disappointed.  All of Josh's students just love him*

Lia Jessen ~owner FWPH

Meet Mary Miller

 For as long as she can remember, Mary has always loved horses. The first animal she learned to draw was a horse running in the prairie. Her parents allowed her to take tadpole lessons until she proved she had the confidence to ride by herself. Born in the west coast of Mexico. She grew up reading Walter Farley’s “The Black Stallion” series, Peter S. Beagle’s “The Last Unicorn,” Marguerite Henry’s “Mustang: Spirit of the West,” and Anna Sewell’s “Black Beauty.”

Mary and her family have traveled through the Rockies and far as northern Wyoming and as far south as the volcanos in Central Mexico. When she was eight, they found a home in New Mexico west of Watrous and eventually in Las Vegas, New Mexico. She grew up on a ranch with the horses Arthur, Sunny, Rhianna, and Tan-cha, who each had something to learn from. She would spend as much time as she could observing their behavior and interactions with one-another. Her neighbor, along with a horse named Little Buford, a retired Quarter Horse from Mexico, and Mrs. Ellie, an Arabian mare, who have different styles of leading, but also incredibly patient to include her in their space. She took riding lessons with Greg Esquibel at Ride to Pride, which was operated by Greg and Lorraine Esquibel at the time, until she entered high school where she took art classes under her teacher and fine artist Karlene Martinez-Gonzales, who also loved horses and encouraged her artistic career. Mary is now finishing up her undergrad at New Mexico Highlands University under David Lobdell, with a focus in metal casting and drawing.

When she is not at the barn, she is probably creating art, reading, or spending time with a timid Arabian horse named Malabar, who is learning to be brave, just playing with him and trail riding through the mountains. Mary is a strong believer that every horse has something to teach you, solidifying the beauty that horses are a long journey. She believes in fundamental practice, taking time to learn the horse, and their movements. Thus, influencing a combined effort to improve body awareness for a balanced seat, as well as earning the horse’s respect with confidence and compassion. Mary also believes the horse is the reflection of the rider. She is excited to share her knowledge with her students and continue to learn the journey of equestrianism.

*Mary has been a blessing to add to the program. Kind, paitent and fun. Everyone loves her*

Lia Jessen owner- FWPH 

Meet Bobbie Clack FWPH Barn Manager and Instructor

Bobbies love for horses started at a very early age. Her father grew up around horses. He cowboyed and wrangled for many ranches around Texas and New Mexico. He was also a PRCA Rodeo Cowboy in the Bareback Bronc Riding. When Bobbie was young her dad would toss her up on a horse but it was her Aunt that gave her the beigning lessons.  Her Aunt and Uncle had horses on their ranch where she would ride in the orange groves of Southern Texas.  She remembers spending weekends with them and sneaking out of the house in the middle of the night to visit with the horses and get to know them.  

However, Bobbies love of horses didnt always match her confidence for riding. Many years went by and it wasnt until her own daughter wanted to take lessons that she thought she should ride again.  Bobbie begain riding with Lia and Lisa in which she gained confidence and knowlege about these beautiful animals.  Through the patience and wisdom of Lia and Lisa, Bobbie regained her confidence, knowlege and so much more.  

Bobbie is also currently a Belly Dancer for Mosaic Dance Company in Santa Fe, when she isnt surrounded by horses she is in the dance studio. At times you will see her combine the 2 worlds by balancing a sword on her head while riding a horse!

* We are beyond thrilled to have Bobbie join our team. Bobbie is very driven, caring and attentive to detail. Always egar to learn and ready for anything!*

Lia Jessen- Owner FWPH

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